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Pump Squonker

Refill By Electronic Pump
Constantly Refill By Presing Refill Button,No Back Flow
Lockable Fire Button & Refill Button
Product Explosion Chart
Fits 25mm BF RDA Atomizers & Under;
Full CNC Lathe Precision Machining;
Material: Aluminum alloy+Stainles Steel+PC;
Working Voltage:3.2V-4.2V;
Click The Fire Button 5 Times To Turn On/Off The Device, Click The Refill Button 5 Times To Turn On/Off The Refill Function
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Question Description.
How do I clean the juice left in the fuel pipe ?
The fuel bottle is easy to clean. In fact, after you consume the juice in the bottle + the juice in the pipe, there won't be any residue left! But if you are a more sensitive user, when you consume the juice in the bottle + juice in the pipe, you still feel that the trace residue in the pipe may affect the next taste, I suggest to fill the bottle with some water, press and hold the fuel button to let the clear water flow out!
When the pump is working there will be a slight noise and vibration, this is normal, the sound of the pump working is not as loud as the sound of RDA atomization. Because of the sound and slight vibration, you don't need a light to remind you that the pump is working properly, you will feel it more visually!
Pump systems have been used in many fields are very mature: Pharmaceutical industry; Medical device industry; Electronic technology; Chemical industry; Mining and metallurgy industries; Paper industry; Paint coating industry; Food industry; Ceramic industry; Oil industry; Water treatment industry; Cumulative operating life of pump≥300hr(Test conditions:ON 10秒 OFF 5秒) Test data:Extract 10ml juice in 3 minutes Let's say you consume 20ML of juice a day(You can calculate according to your own situation) The following formula helps you visualize it. How much juice can be sucked out: (60min/6min)*20ml*300hr=60000ml How long does the pump last: 60000ml/20ml/365day≈8.2year
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